LETTER: Mixed-sex hospital accommodations

The most undignified change in the Canadian health care system is mixed-gender accommodations

Over the past several years our Canadian health care system has undergone major changes.

The most undignified change is mixed-gender accommodations. The reason given is that this mix should decrease wait time and overcrowding problems. These same problems existed 60 years ago and there were same gender accommodations at that time. So the question remains, is it acceptable that your mother, sister, wife, daughter or grand daughter, who is sedated and/or immobile, to be confined in the same hospital room with one, two or three males?

This borders on human rights issues and abuse.

Patients in both the United Kingdom and South Australia have spoken up against this indignity. Their health care service has pledged and restored same gender hospital accommodations proving it can be done without affecting the wait list. Hospitals in the UK are fined if they violate this policy. We must make our concerns known and speak out. A complaint can be submitted online. In the Google search bar type in Patient Care Quality Office and the name of the authority/region you are submitting the complaint to.

We have the right to maintain our dignity and privacy, receive patient centered care with empathy and compassion and have our wishes respected especially when we are at our most vulnerable.

Teri McGrath