LETTER: Money where your mouth is

I saw the Community Market had put the stalls back to their former positions, back-to-back.

I saw the Community Market had put the stalls back to their former positions, back-to-back.

This make sense, placing market shoppers into closer proximity to the established merchants. I’ve been shopping at both markets for the past few years, as well as year-round shopping at the local shops — all part of putting my money where my mouth is, and “shopping local,” — and generally see that the wares sold by both sections do vary.

When shopping at the Community Market, I enjoy shopping from the merchants who’ve set up a booth on the street.  Another factor that I appreciate about the Downtown Penticton Association is that they offer free space to Penticton’s non-profit organizations, e.g. the Penticton Access Society, Penticton Recovery Resource Society and the South Okanagan Boundary Labour Council.

Last week, I walked to the “top” end (a.k.a south) of the Community Market, from the 200 Main Street block, all the way to Padmore Avenue (top of the 400 block), as well as Front Street, to Veterans Way (four blocks).  For a “caned” senior, this was quite a feat, although not of Olympic standards!

Until the City of Penticton starts their “revitalization” of the 100 block Main Street in September, that’s where I’ll find the Penticton Farmers Market.  Those who are frequent Farmers’ Market shoppers know, there’s lots of goodies and nibbles, for breakfast, lunches, whatever, not to mention, the wineries, distilleries and brewers making their pitches and providing samples, Gyro Park for relaxing, and “necessities.”

So, when the Farmers’ Market moves to the 500 and 600 Main Street blocks, the merchants will experience the bounties of the Penticton Farmers Market.

However, please get the facts straight — the Community Market is not in the 100 and 200 Main Street blocks.

Brigid Kemp