LETTER: No bikes on the sidewalk

Bike riders should be on the road, not the sidewalks.

Several years ago, I retired to Penticton, hoping this will be my permanent retirement home.

In my 60-something years, I have lived in several cities across Canada. Penticton, in my opinion, is very bad when it comes to bicycle riders riding on the sidewalk. When I was walking home from the store, a bicycle rider brushed by me on the sidewalk. I was furious. When I got home I Googled bicycle laws in B.C. and sure enough it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk.

Many years ago, in Calgary, a senior was killed by a bicycle rider riding on the walk path. Lately in Vancouver, a senior was struck by a bicycle on the sidewalk, the rider ran and the senior had injuries. When will the law step up and stop this before someone dies.

Prior to my incident, many years ago, I had a discussion online about this problem. One rider said I don’t want to be hit by a vehicle, from which I responded, so it is OK for you to drive illegally and hit a person on the sidewalk. The discussion ended.

Finally, I am a bike rider and I ride on the road, where I am suppose to be. Perhaps it is time to license bicycle riders. Yes I am willing to pay.

Also, I contacted minister Stone and my representative Dan Ashton about this issue with

no response.

Larry Gilliam