Letter: No more parking meters in Penticton

I applaud the decision not to put meters in from Power Street to the Peach. Disappointed that in the future meters may again be considered.

It is with mixed feelings that I read in the Western News about the decision of city council to put in parking meters from Power Street to the SS Sicamous.

I applaud the decision not to put meters in from Power Street to the Peach. So disappointed that in the future meters may again be considered. I realize the city needs money and lots of it! I have been a resident of Penticton for over 45 years. I have observed how the city spends money.

There are two categories of spending. First, for necessary and essential services to keep our beautiful city, beautiful and functional for both residents and tourists. Second, for unnecessary pet projects (i.e., LED lighting for Main Street). The amount of money the city will collect from partial parking on Lakeshore (after all the ongoing operating costs) is a drop in the bucket re the overall city budget.

This letter is a call, a plea to city council to keep Lakeshore Drive unique, beautiful and free.  This unique walkway, beach, etc. is a gem; one of a kind. We have many retired, elderly residents who will not find it easy to walk to ticket outlets and return to their car. Many come to Lakeshore with an Ice Cap and enjoy the beauty of the lake for 20 to 30 minutes and then return home.

May we never decide to do what is best for Penticton by what other jurisdictions in the valley decide to do for there communities. Let us stand on our own two feet and do what is best for Penticton. Does city council want to burden both its citizens and tourists alike with extra costs and significant inconvenience? In my view this will be counter productive in the long run.

Why? Why take away the glorious freedom we have to go to the beach for a time of enjoyment and renewal and not worry about meters? Again I ask why? I have talked to many people about this issue.  Without exception they agree with me.  There is no doubt if a referendum was conducted what the result would be.

One more thought — on the Lakeshore walkway I meet many friends, both old and new.  It is, no doubt, one of the best places in Penticton to socialize. I visit with old friends, and make new friends, especially those walking their dogs. Let us not put hindrances in the way of bringing us together as a community.

Sid Waterman