LETTER: No time for Penticton parking meters

Tourists are our main resource and parking meters are a huge deterrent.

My mother was unfortunate enough to break her hip, which resulted in a two-week stay at Penticton Regional Hospital.

Since I am the only family member in the area, I visited her twice daily. The best option in the parking lot was to pay the $5 daily rate. Over a 14-day period it cost me $70 just to park so I could visit with my mother.

The days in the hospital are very long and boring and I am sure many patients do not get visitors due to the cost of parking.  As well, having to stop to pay for parking when you are rushing into the hospital with a sick/injured loved one is an unappreciated delay.  You never know how long you will need to stay, so continuing to plug a meter is inconvenient and costly.  An added stress no one needs at a time full of stress and anxiety.

Now the city is planning to gouge us for parking at our beaches and playgrounds. This seems contrary to the philosophy of a city that professes to promote healthy lifestyles; encouraging people to get out and be active. If families have to pay to park when using our outstanding beaches or to take their children to the playground (Lakwanana Park and Skaha Park) they may choose to just let them stay indoors and play on their computers — not a healthy alternative.

Walking to the beach is not a viable option when you are carrying coolers, chairs, umbrellas etc.  It reflects badly on the city as well, when tourists come to enjoy our beaches only to find out they have to keep plugging a meter or risk having their car towed.

Tourists are our main resource and parking meters are a huge deterrent. Let them park for free and spend their dollars at our campgrounds, hotels restaurants and shops.  Have them leaving with the feeling that they want to come back.

Susan & Pieter Koster