LETTER: Penticton waterslide on the mountain

A few thoughts on alternatives to engage the people that elect/employ council and a solution for a better location for a waterside.

A few thoughts on alternatives to engage the people that elect/employ council and a solution for a better location for a waterslide than Skaha Park were inspired by two recent letters to the editor.

It’s time that we all work to help our mayor and council. At the Aug. 2 council meeting only Couns. Sayeed and Konanz demonstrated some real leadership while the remainder of council couldn’t redirect staff to find a better way to engage citizens.

It’s time to share Penticton’s economic development and I propose that the owner (see Ulric Lejeune’s recent letter to the editor, Penticton Western News, Aug. 10) of God’s Mountain take over the lease with Trio and develop a waterslide there. After all, if a waterslide will lead to our economic salvation, it should really contribute to new, great projects.

Imagine the endless cars lining Eastside Road throughout summer and, more importantly, the shoulder tourist seasons with people trying to find a spot to stay or camp out just to visit the waterslide. Tourism resumes its role as saviour for our region, our town, our children and our grandchildren seeking seasonal employment at minimum wage.

Dozens of international visitors attend God’s Mountain Crest Chalet with the resurrection of the Great Skaha Lake Waterslide. And there’s more!

The economic development multiplier effect kicks in and housing development is spurred. Great news is generated and the slides become the most fully appreciated, highly valued new lake attraction.  Imagine the headlines — Skaha Lake Waterslide on God’s Mountain sparks public acceptance and eliminates threatening legal actions.

Putting the slides somewhere other than Skaha Park helped everyone wake up and not only smell the roses but the coffee too.  Penticton and our region flourish again and living accommodations for all ages become our future.

At long last council has the time to spend with the citizens that elect/employ them instead of having staff hire others to develop metrics on how to do it for them.

There’s even more!

Those self-appointed watchdog’s and the 4,500 Save Skaha Park Society supporters that apparently hold themselves in high-esteem, dream’s come true. An end is put to undermining the mayor and council with the selfless act of putting the waterslide at God’s Mountain.

Wayne Llewellyn