LETTER: Privy Council still rules

The problem is that Trudeau did not swear allegiance to Canada nor Canadian citizens.

On Nov. 4, Justin Trudeau is officially sworn in as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. The problem is that Trudeau did not swear allegiance to Canada nor Canadian citizens.

Trudeau swore to serve her royal majesty the Queen of England and the British Empire not the people of Canada! He also swore secrecy to her in all business conducted by the monarch’s Privy Council. Many Canadians still believe that the Privy Council of Canada is merely a relic of old traditions long dead, exercising no more control than the Queen. It should be understood that along with the Privy Council Office, entities such as the Power Corporation and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives function as our country’s real government. The chief officer of the CCCE is John Manley, a fellow Privy Councillor and a key adviser to Justin Trudeau.

Unfortunately, there is more bad news … Trudeau’s appointed Minister of Science is one Kirsty Duncan who is an anti-science global warming alarmist who like far too many other foolish individuals actually believe that our earth’s cyclical climate patterns are a result of CO2 emissions. The rabidly Russo-phobic Chrystia Freeland, another special adviser to Trudeau is Minister of International Trade and will most certainly champion Canada’s entry into the very destructive Trans Pacific Partnership as opposed to truly productive global trade agreements offered by the BRICS nations and China’s One Belt-One Road infrastructure projects.

For Canadians who are unfamiliar of this swearing-in oath, full text can be found at canadianpatriot.org/what-is-the-privy-council-of-canada.

Brian Gray, Penticton