LETTER: Pure talent in Penticton

Concert-goer blown away by bands live performance at two shows in Penticton.

On B.C. Day we were listening to bands play at Gyro Park following a humorous street vendor act. The music that I felt was the best was the J.S. Garcia Band with mother and daughter singing their hearts out.

At 15 years old, Sophia Mae sang with such control and rhythm, complete with trills and runs of an accomplished performer. Her mother, Jennifer Boal sang in a rock-and-roll style that made you want to dance, stomp your feet and chant along with her. Sophia Mae sang in a style that relaxed you and made you feel happy or sad as the song dictated. I believe they composed some of their own music and their band complimented their singing well.

On Aug. 3 at the Penticton Peach Festival we saw Sophia Mae again singing a couple of songs (she was the winner of a contest). In her short brown dress and sunglasses, a photographer took a picture of her after behind the stage. It was such a pleasure to hear her sing.

Thank-you Sophia Mae for the CD you gave me when I spoke to you after your first performance.

Julia Trefry