Letter: Save Skaha Park trudges on

Sad to say what was presented by City of Penticton council suggested they have not been listening.

I personally would thank all of our members who attended Save Skaha Park Annual General Meeting last week.

You were very attentive to what was presented and asked specific questions of your committee members that was of direct interest to your observations of what this council has attempted to do with one of our most treasured public parks.

Sad to say what was presented at the AGM (in a nutshell) meeting was the most recent announcement by council that clearly suggests they have not been listening to your concerns about the commercialization of public park property. So, as announced by Gary Denton at the AGM, “the battle with council was won but we haven’t won the war.” That being said, sorry say, to continue to this campaign we may need more financial support to fight this latest decision by council.

This attempt by council, over 16-months ago, was the sole reason why Save Skaha Park Society was created. This council has not been listening to the concerns of their employer, the taxpaying residents.

Jake Kimberle