Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: School district priorities

Okanagan-Skaha school district seems not to realize what their priorities should be

School district priorities

Shocking to read that a parent and her nine-year-old child had to take on the drug/needle problem in our school grounds (Western News, Dec. 8, Parent takes action on drug paraphernalia found at school).

That secret Queen’s Park shed should never have been secret in the first place. What with such a fuss being made about possible marijuana shops anywhere within sight of schools, how can discarded needles go on being all over the place, right at those schools?

Wendy Hyer, school board superintendent, seems not to realize what her priorities should be and therefore what we are paying her for. She doesn’t know if additional police patrols are being done around KVR; shouldn’t she know?

Also, Hyer says we need to be helping and supporting “folks with mental health and substance abuse problems.” Her duty (and the school boards) is to help and support our students before they join “the folks” just from seeing needles and such as normal.

Joy Lang