LETTER: Slow down

I invite our RCMP to observe the goings on of our new speedway in Penticton.

Between Green Road and Yorkton Avenue, Penticton has a new speedway.

No matter what time of the evening of late afternoon we have motorcycles gearing up for the lights at Green and Skaha Lake Road actually doing wheelies when they take off and the noise is the worst it’s been for residents living along Skaha Lake Road. Do we no longer have RCMP that set up radars anymore? Or, are they too busy on the highways or in the office doing paperwork?

I am waiting for the fatality that awaits at these intersections.

City council should consider discussions with the RCMP and would not have to consider putting parking meters in parks as they could use the extra money from racers and speeders instead.

I invite our RCMP to the Oasis Church parking lot to sit under the trees and just observe the goings on of our new speedway

Marilyn Chapman