Letter: Small club with a big heart

One would assume the Penticton & District Stamp Club consists of a few, aging, stodgy, meticulously detailed and introverted gentlemen.

One would assume that the Penticton & District Stamp Club would consist of a few, aging, stodgy, meticulously detailed and introverted gentlemen.

Old dudes hovering over tiny pieces of paper, dating, numbering and filing, chuckling under their breath while extracting and identifying errors on stamps with magnifying glasses. As you read on, you may be the one chuckling when finding what this club has accomplished in the past 24 years.

The group not only consists of older gentlemen, but numbers of women and young men wishing to improve their stamp collections, knowledge of the hobby, world history and  most importantly, having fun while raising funds for charitable organizations you support.  This group consisting of 50 members, (always looking to increase our number) led by individuals with vision, selfness creativity, and love for their community. They have raised thousands of dollars over the years and continue to do so.

The Stamp Club developed, created and issued two Canada Post stamps, showcasing our area. They were commemorative stamps highlighting Steam Fest – 100 anniversaries of the SS Sicamous and the KVR (Kettle Valley Railway). Currently it is developing another commemorative stamp which will be rolled out in 2017.

Some of the organizations this club directs its funds to are: Moog House, Heart and Stroke, Cancer Society, SPCA, CNIB and the SOS Medical Foundation (Penticton Regional Hospital Expansion)

Now, how does this club generate most of its funds, and how can you help?  If you have a stamp collection that you no longer want, is collecting dust or you simply don’t know what to do with, contact us. The Stamp Club has experts who can assess your material gratis.  Advice will be given with options available to you such as:

Hang onto it, and pass it onto your children, donate it to the club for auction, you determine the charity and its distribution or send it to a auction house. Have a look in your attics and basements, coffee and tobacco tins, call us for help. Hunting season is open. We hope to hear from you soon. Happy stamping.

Manfred Wobst, president

Penticton & District Stamp Club