LETTER: Solutions not tickets in Penticton

Instead of bullying people who are in need, why doesn’t the City of Penticton come up with solutions?

I don’t normally write in reply to what I read, but this just got to me (Western News, June 29, Homeless man receives multiple tickets)

So instead of bullying people who are in need, why doesn’t the city come up with solutions?

Do we not teach our children to be kind and compassionate to others? What if was you who was in the same situation? The system needs revamping. As far as people feeling uncomfortable or scared to walk by, are they just not feeling guilty?  Disability or social assistance hardly pays enough for one to live on. My sister gets a tiny bit from CPP the rest it topped off by social assistance for her to get a whole whopping $944. So explain to me, how is someone supposed to pay rent with the outrageous amounts it is at now and feed themselves?

Why are these issues not being addressed?

Canada is so generous when it comes to helping people outside of our country, yet why do we not help our own first?   There is no affordable housing, and try to get in to what we call low income housing, there simply is not enough. The waiting list is very long.

So maybe instead of wasting time giving out tickets and turning a blind eye, do something that makes sense, our leaders should be doing something about the situation.

Shirley Christopherson