Letter: The only solution in Penticton

Short answer to all the city/Trio plans, proposals and presentations: no deal!

Short answer to all the city/Trio plans, proposals and  presentations: no deal!

All of those are designed to take the park away from us, to commercialize and change it forever. And, to make us feel worse that they are not listening to us.

The only solution to keeping our very precious Skaha Park — as it is — is to go with a legal case that rescinds the whole deal. Any compromise, would leave the door wide open to more and more commercialization and changes.

All those interested in keeping Skaha Park, as it is, come to the open house meeting Saturday Nov. 19.  See why we say “no” to city/Trio plans and “go” with the legal action.

The meeting is at the Seniors Centre, 2965 South Main St., Saturday, Nov. 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. and is being sponsored by Penticton Citizens First, with email pentictoncares@gmail.com. Yes, that is a Penticton Vees game night, but they’ll have to win without us.

Hannah Hyland