LETTER: The trophy is the greenspace

Make up our own sign, and put whatever you wish on your sign to demonstrate you are there to save the park

Remembering the first rally on the steps of city hall with Cliff Martin and over 700 in attendance, for and against the proposed waterslide on a portion of Skaha Park, the one person that stands out in my mind that encouraged me to fight for the rights of those that built Skaha Park was an elderly lady who was very emotional in telling me about how her family home was expropriated by our city leaders of the time to build Skaha Park.

It was her that got me involved in Saving Skaha Park. I wish I got her name. There was another tall gentleman, whom I also did not get his name,  that told me the same fact, a family home was expropriated for expansion of Skaha Park. This park was purchased for the people by the people through tax dollars.

A referendum would have ended this dispute between the city leaders and the residents of Penticton over a year ago if the present mayor and council would have respected the wish of the people.

With the newest lawsuit against the city, many are confused about where they need to stand and who they need to support.

Its simple! If you are someone that wants to stop the commercialization of the greenspace of Skaha Park then you should support both groups.  We all may have a different approach or belief in how Skaha Park can be saved but if we are fighting for the same cause to “save Skaha Park” it should not matter who is in the lead or who thinks their approach is right, it’s about Saving Skaha Park.

The trophy is the greenspace that is free for all to enjoy and the winner is the people that united through rallies and demonstrations showing solidarity to save the park.

Showing strong opposition to any individual who has his own direction on how to save Skaha Park, has also put endless hours into his fight to stop the demolition of the park, and has the same goal as you, needs also the respect for his efforts to save Skaha Park.

I support anyone who cares about the community and all the effort they put forward to save one of the most pristine parks in our city, Skaha Park, and I will attend that rally on Sept. 6 and I encourage you to join me in solidarity to save Skaha Park.

Make up our own sign, and put whatever you wish on your sign to demonstrate you are there to save the park. Its time for a reunion.

Louella Sloboda