A letter writer points out that lots of out of town plates show that travel restrictions only punish the honest.

Letter: Travel restrictions only punish the honest

A lot of Nevada, Texas, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba plates seen all over Penticton


I noticed your article about health orders to prevent travel around B.C. I can’t agree with this failed idea before it even gets out of the gate. Wouldn’t agree in most part anyway, unless war has begun, some things would need to be under taken. That is for the future to come.

But back to this failed idea of restricting travel. The week of May 9 to 15, 2021, I counted six Quebec licence plates moving around the south Okanagan and Similkameen. Three of which where parked and the occupants all around one picnic table, most likely same as passed, come all this way to hang out and do fruit picking.

I thought Quebec was locked down, I thought much of Ontario was locked down, same for Manitoba? So just how did these people get all the way across the the country? Besides there is also Nevada, Texas, and Colorado and can’t leave out the California plates I have crossed during my daily travel to and from work.

My question is, are the RCMP going to pull these people over and fine them and escort them out of the province? With in the next 72 hrs, and test everyone where they have been, after all Quebec has been very bad with COVID. What is being done to protect B.C. from these travellers from locked down provinces … not a damn thing. This is the same as putting a lock on a door, only keeps the honest out. But intern this action only damns the good people.

Doug Babyn