Letter: Wake up Canada

Letter: Wake up Canada

Reader questions MP’s gambling debt

Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes the saga of MP Raj Grewal!

Grewal would like Canadians to believe his tale of woe and resignation due to his self-admission of being addicted to gambling!

The MP said he has repaid millions of dollars back on his gambling debt, thus he may change his mind and keep his place at the trough

My question is where did these lost millions of dollars come from in the first place? And who would let a person get in a position of owing millions?

Secondly, where did Grewal find double the millions of dollars lost to pay off such a huge amount?

If indeed Grewal pulled off such magic, perhaps he should take the position of Canada’s finance minister and wipe out all debt along with those people who are addicted to putting our Canada, that is our Canada, in the poor house?

However, I believe the magician David Copperfield prefers to make spacecraft disappear and would pass on the above? Wake up Canada.

Tom Isherwood