LETTER: What a waste

Abandoned stamp collections can be put to good use through Penticton Stamp Club.

My wife and I just got home from our weekly garage sale tour, which we really enjoy doing.

At one of our stops we talked to another garage sale’s person who told us about what she saw happening the other day. An elderly person was moving from wherever to a senior’s home and the family was helping her clean up her place. Amongst the articles being thrown out was a complete stamp collection. The family was not interested and didn’t want to be burdened with having to look after the collection. It was thrown into the dumpster — what a waste.

For other family members who do not know what to do with abandoned stamp collections, please call me at 250-492-3875 or email me at gboersma@telus.net or take it to 2600 Cornwall Dr. in Penticton and you will help the Penticton Stamp Club in raising funds for the less fortunate. At this time we provide funds to five different charities. Some people may think that certain collections are worth nothing, and sometimes they are not individually, but put together with other collections they make a package that will sell at one of our auctions. We thank all those who have been contributing and can assure you that your donation has or will find a good home and will provide funds for charity.

Gus Boersma