LETTER: What about the rest of us in Penticton?

I have been a regular transit user, five days out of seven, every week for the past 24 years.

I have read this article with interest several times (Penticton Western News, July 6, City adds SOEC shuttle).

As I understand it, this is just for concert-goers. What about the many other events that take place at this venue?  If they are not offered the same deal it may deter the promoters from coming here. These events include sport, circus, dancers and even the RCMP Musical Ride.

I would also like to know who selects the events that qualify for this subsidy, and who is going to pay for it?

I have been a regular transit user, five days out of seven, every week for the past 24 years.  I am most grateful for the service, the bus drivers are wonderful. There are approximately 1,000 journeys made every day by transit riders. At the same time, most of us cannot enjoy the social life of the city. We are barred on Sundays and public holidays because there is no bus service in many areas. There are possibly a few thousand like me who never make it to Canada Day, music, entertainment in the park, fireworks, etc. I could go on and on. So, when we hear that the SOEC is being singled out for special treatment it doesn’t go down too well.

If there is money in the pot for the SOEC, what about the rest of us? I would love to spend a Sunday or holiday in Skaha Park. If there is money in the pot for the SOEC (I would still like to know where it’s coming from) let’s all have a share, don’t keep me shut up in my home any longer.

Vera Gill


Editors note: According to the City of Penticton, part of the consultation process with citizens with respect to Gateway Casinos’ relocation to the SOEC complex, parking was the most significant issue flagged as a concern by citizens in the relocation.

The recommendations of a parking study commissioned for the SOEC site ranged from drop off zones, to adding an additional paved lot, to promoting alternate transportation, and a downtown shuttle. The consultant recommended testing of parking mitigation strategies during high usage evenings at the complex.

In January 2016, at the open council meeting a report outlining the feedback from citizens and an action plan with parking mitigation steps were presented to the council and public.

The first test of a shuttle will be on July 13 with a subsequent test at an August concert. Additional tests will be conducted at events appropriate.

Gateway Casinos is funding the test service.