Vaseux Lake. Grant Harder photo.

Vaseux Lake. Grant Harder photo.

Letter: Why can’t we have motorized boats on Vaseux Lake?

Avid fisherman with a disability would love to use his pontoon


I am retired living at Gallagher Lake.

I am 77 years old with a disability. I am dedicated to fishing and getting out to do so as much as I can.

I have been doing this for 40 years. I have a small pontoon boat equipped with an electric motor which helps me tremendously to get around the lakes which I fish, although I have to row at Vaseux Lake.

There has been controversy over the past years as to allow electric motors on the lake. I know that the rule comes under the federal wildlife act. It is to protect the birds that stop by on their migration as well as the residential birds.

The thrust from an electric motor does not disturb anything that would be harmful to the birds or their habitat. I think that the original legislation was meant to keep power motors off the lake, which I agree with as they certainly would harm the habitat and disturb the birds.

I would like to take one of the officials that enforce the rule to come out with me in my pontoon boat to show what the thrust of an electric motor produces without any damage whatsoever to the habitat.

I have heard that some of the residents that live on the lake are opposed to it. But imagine the view and interest they would have watching the boats trolling around the lake. I have a good friend that has lived at the lake for many years and is also a fisherman. He agrees with my thoughts on the matter.

Surely there must be some common sense among the regulators. I have spoken to one of the conservation officers in the area and he agrees with my thoughts as well.

Because of the bureaucracy in the government, I have had a hard time to find the person or persons that governs the legislation of the lake. I wish I knew who to contact. Would you be able to help me in this matter or even publish my letter?

Bob Price

Gallagher Lake