LETTERS: A change for change’s sake

Vote for change if you feel inclined, but vote for thought out meaningful change.

Well  folks, the big election is a little less than one month away.

The mudslinging, accusations, character assassinations, innuendoes et al seem to be the order of the day. All to what end you might ask? Will it bring a blanket of well-being and harmony? Will the economy improve? Will the “R word” suddenly be a thing of the past? We won’t know any of this until the final vote is counted and the results made public. I can hear some out there as they read this saying “Now tell us something that we don’t know, master of the obvious!”

With the upcoming election in mind there are several things to consider. They range from basic voting for change itself and current government performance and its leadership to the thoughts of “it’s time for a change.”

Historically, the voter turnout for federal elections in Canada (Elections Canada) has been around 60 per cent. It is pretty sad when 60 per cent of the voting public decides the political path of Canada. It means that of all eligible voters — four eligible voters chose not to vote; didn’t care to vote; couldn’t get out to vote, or possibly had the attitude that “What difference will my one vote make?”

If you were one of the six out of 10 who cast a ballot reflect and ask yourself this question “Why did I vote the way I did?” Was it for change? Was it for what was said and promised? Was it because my riding had candidates that I didn’t care for? Was it because the candidate I voted for dressed well and was well coiffed? Was it because he/she was a well respected member of the community that I voted in? Ask yourself “Did I vote heart over head or head over heart?” Reasoning could go on ad infinitem.

Change is one thing but change for change sake is another. If you voted with your heart instead of your head maybe it’s time to do some real “old fashioned research on the political scene!” Polls, social media are great purveyors of political propaganda. Political mudslinging can cause and does cause a great deal of confusion. Don’t get caught up in it and do your due diligence by investigating personally to avoid biases.

Go into this election properly informed and biases aside. Vote with your head (conscience) and not your heart (sentiment or emotion).

Vote for change if you feel inclined, but vote for thought out meaningful change.

Ron Barillaro




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