LETTERS: A fishy odour

How long can the lunkers stay submerged and not react?

Much has been said about the current proposed parkland giveaway.

The responses range from a nine year old girl’s “that’s not right” or “something is rotten in Denmark” to several poignant, well-aimed letters expressing dissatisfaction with the whole process.

All are legitimate in message and presentation. They appear to stress the fact that no direct consultation with the majority was entered into and that democracy has been done a great disservice.

Lately there has been a smog-like veil over the city. Presumably this is from the surrounding area proximity fires. At times, the veil is fairly heavy and the pungent, smoky cover affects us as we search for the fresh, Okanagan air that we cherish.

I wonder if, indeed, the tainted air comes from the surrounding area fires or does it come from somewhere else?

I am wondering if it might be coming from the local fish-processing plant at the north end of the city.

Wait, what fish-packing plant? I can hear some of you say “there isn’t one, have you lost your mind?” While there is not in reality, such a building, there appears to be a “stench that would be second to none coming from any commercial fish packing plant.” That fish packing plant in metaphorical language might be City Hall, where the supposed big fish lurk.

It would appear that these big fish are satiated as they are not taking any type of lure or food associated with the “R word” (referendum) or “D word” (democratic, open dialogue and discussion). They just lie in the shoals and try to blend in with the surroundings, seemingly oblivious of the anglers. They must be waiting for the anglers to go home with their creels empty. What they don’t seem to realize is that dedicated fisher-folk don’t give up easily.

With the current area fires and the accompanying smoke, there is relief from time to time. However, the fish packing plant appears to exude an odor that is undemocratically stifling. The one fortunate thing here is that the local anglers don’t need an angler’s licenses and can fish all year long, 24/7.

How long can the lunkers stay submerged and not react?

Ron Barillaro