LETTERS: Actual cost of a crime

A senior lady had her purse stolen at Cherry Lane Shopping Centre.

A senior lady had her purse stolen at Cherry Lane Shopping Centre.

This lady is single and has raised her family by working hard, long hours and now, in her retirement volunteers to improve lives in this community. All she desires is quiet enjoyment of life.

Now, stressed over the loss of pictures of her children and grandchildren, her fur family photos and her grand-mother’s nail file, she has sleep issues. As well, reporting stolen cards (credit, debit, reward points) has distracted her from her volunteer work. She also has to take time out to replace drivers license and medical card. These replacements come at a cost which is difficult to cover for a senior on fixed, low income. That money will have to come from her discretionary budget which means no donations to the food bank or the Salvation Army for the rest of the year.

In conclusion, for about $5 in loose change (there was no folding money in the purse), the community at large loses many times over. And now she questions why she tries to improve lives in this community with her labour and her heart. I pray that this message gets out to the more criminal minds and gives them something to think about. To the shopping centre get your security cameras back online.

The lady in question wishes to remain anonymous. I would like the message to get out to the community at large, and particularly to potential perpetrators.

John Coburn