LETTERS: Betting on politics of fear

Harper claims ISIS threatens Canada. This is untrue.

Why is Harper so dishonest and racist?

Harper claims ISIS threatens Canada. This is untrue. Jason Kenny and the head of Canada’s military said there have been no ISIS terrorist attacks in Canada. We have White Canadians so radicalized by the internet. They want to be famous like the shooters in America.

The radicalization has absolutely nothing to do with Muslims so why does Harper keep repeating this lie. Most ISIS terrorists can neither read or write that’s why ISIS used Canadians to threaten us. These terrorist do not have a clue where the West Edmonton Mall is, or Canada for that matter. Harper, on three visits to Quebec says Muslims are to blame for terrorist attacks and wearing the Niqab. He peppers his speeches with Jihad and terrorism to blame Muslim Canadians. This is not true. Nor has he presented any facts to prove it.

When the Italians learned of terrorist attacks on Rome, they reacted with laughter. So should we Canadians. Shame on the conservatives for using fear and racism to win votes in the election.

R. Muloin