LETTERS: Bring back the buzz Penticton once had

Saying no to the Yorkton Avenue daycare is saying no to growth in Penticton.

I remember a time when Penticton hummed. Local businesses had line ups out the door, the beaches were jammed packed, entrepreneurs from the lower mainland laid out business plans and created interesting and unique take overs. The town was alive.

Although I still love the Peach City, gorgeous summers and beautiful wine culture, I miss that hum.

As a young 30-something, I do feel that the overall tone of the city has become rather digressive. Without casting a negative light on the town I love, I must say the era of progressive thought and growth in this small city is on a notable path of decline.

Businesses are closing, the tourists are drawn to other neighbouring communities, people hear the rumours of an non-accepting community and an overwhelming lack of  tolerance to youth, forcing them outside of our beautiful town.

It is in my belief that the daycare that Ms. Bootsma wants to facilitate on Yorkton Avenue will fulfill a need to many young families in the neighbourhood. Our city has chosen to build a beautiful playground and park merely feet away from the area in which Ms Bootsma wishes to provide.

Saying no to the Yorkton Avenue daycare forces these local south side families to seek care outside of their neighbourhood, resulting in many families unable to find quality child care and perhaps ultimately leaving Penticton.

It is young families so in need of child care that are being sent away to other larger cities with more amenities, further digressing the overall economy in our small town.

To grow our economy, and bring back that hum, we need more young people to spend money, work, and have families in our community in our neighbourhoods. Without these young working families, our cityscape cannot survive and progress both economically and socially.

Saying no to the Yorkton Avenue daycare is saying no to growth in Penticton. This daycare provides stable and quality care to parents who in turn will provide a stable and quality economic state to our community.

Support Ms Bootsma’s efforts.

Support Penticton.

Let’s bring back that hum.

Eva Ash