LETTERS: Candidate says thanks for the support

Penticton city council candidate thanks the community.

My congratulations to the new mayor and council. Penticton will be well served.

Most importantly thanks to my family, friends, colleagues and constituents who supported me in this election. I genuinely enjoyed the process of meeting all of you and the candidates. For those who contributed to my campaign through thoughts and suggestions my gratitude. You are welcome to call on me again.  There was a broad selection of candidates running and my thanks to all for your time, energy, citizenship, and your family members as well. My candidacy is not entirely unsuccessful as I brought attention to the issues that are important to me and clearly to others.

In the term to come I will remain active on the subjects and tasks that I spoke to and will seek the support of council for fire hydrants for Spiller Road, the expansion of the local college in the field of health care and for Penticton to create our own Boonstock that we will call Penstock.

It should be mentioned that without the support of the local media, the Western News and Peach City Radio that much of the information that candidates wanted people to hear would not of been possible.

Steve Boultbee