Letters: CBC execs not to blame for woes

Reader says public broadcaster not to blame for NHL's decision to sell TV rights elsewhere

(re: CBC brass should get boot, Letters, Western News, April 18).

I believe the criticism of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation executives by Mr. Thorsteinson was both unjustified and factually inaccurate.

First, the CBC did not sell the Hockey Night in Canada TV rights. Those rights were up for contract renewal and the CBC, along with other TV providers, submitted bids.

The National Hockey League Board of Governors headed by Gary Bettman chose a competitor’s bid.

Second, it’s not surprising the CBC’s bid was not successful considering the number of budget cuts imposed upon it by the Harper government. Those millions of dollars in cuts along with the loss of the NHL TV rights are the more likely cause for the loss of those 650 personnel.

CBC executives should instead be commended for providing such excellent social, cultural, informative and factual programming within an ever shrinking budget.

All the more remarkable considering that, as a public company, the CBC is federally mandated in its charter to provide TV and/or radio services throughout the second largest country in the world a truly daunting challenge.

And, unlike public providers, they cannot cherry-pick the market for optimum profit or be accused of having a particular agenda like the FOX network.

In particular the CBC News and programs like Marketplace, 5th Estate and Passionate Eye have exposed wrongdoings in a thorough, in-depth, unbiased and independent manner and should be lauded. They may not endear the CBC to some political circles or corporate head offices but are highly beneficial to all Canadians.

I respect and appreciate the CBC executives for their good work. It’s head and shoulders above the paid program and reality pap we’re currently exposed to.

Jeff Bedard



Paramedics rescue fishing gear

To the fisherman who drove by the Penticton paramedic station April 19 around 9:30 a.m. Some fishing gear flew out of the back of your truck. Some was damaged and some is ready to go.

If you identify the gear and boxes you can have them back by telling us what, where and how you fish, and we will do the same.

B platoon Ambulance Paramedics



Dyer’s take passe and irrelevant

(re: Hersh strikes again with the truth, Opinion, Western News, April 18).

Gwynne Dyer’s article is yesterday’s news! In a somewhat sophistical manner Dyer relates Mr. Hersh’s correct findings that it was the terrorist Al-Nusra Front that carried out the poison gas attacks killing more than a thousand innocent Syrian civilians.

Any thinking person who is concerned about the very dangerous crises unfolding around our globe would have realized this fact several months ago, when UN investigator and Swiss judge Carla Del Ponte’s findings revealed as such.

Her report was obviously dismissed and buried by British, American, French and Canadian authorities.

If Gwynne Dyer wishes to ascribe to the journalistic integrity exemplified by Mr. Hersh, then he should address the latest go round of bald-faced lies concerning the crisis in Ukraine.

The relentless propaganda from the Associated and Canadian Press services and the inanities from TV pundits constantly claiming Russia to be bent on “aggressive expansionism” is so much baloney.

In fact, the only aggression in the Ukraine and eastern European region is being launched by the British-American NATO alliance, which actually has been occurring for years.

Regrettably, our country is complicit in this unprovoked and unjustifiable war drive. Canada has sent six fighter jets to assist NATO.

Foreign Affairs minister James Baird will announce a Canadian aid package to prop up the illegitimate and neo-Nazi junta in Kiev. Your tax dollars at work. Prime Minister Harper and Baird continue to spout the usual idiotic bellicose rhetoric.

Brian Gray



Black leaves questions unanswered

(re: Exporting bitumen not the way to go, Opinion, Western News, April 23)

Mr David Black, chairman and founder of Black Press, expressed his views on the exporting of bitumen to Asia. He proposed a refinery in or around Kitimat for the purpose of refining bitumen that would be sold to the Asian markets as light oil.

This is the most sensible piece of literature that has been written concerning the export of our natural resources in decades.

But, there are many questions that would have to be answered before this could possibly take place.

First, who owns the bitumen and do they already have a contract in place with some Asian companies where it is understood that the refining would be done in Asia?

Enbridge would supply the pipeline from Alberta, but again, is there some sort of agreement with the oil companies that is tied in to the sale, to China for instance, that could jeopardize the transport of the bitumen?

Would there have to be a separate pipeline?

Is Mr Black suggesting that there would be a single company that would develop, transport, refine and market the bitumen?

This would be ideal, but it would be a tall order. Just think of the thousands of jobs that would be available to Canadians rather than providing jobs to foreign countries if this could become a reality.

And think of the environmental safety. One company responsible for any leaks, spills, explosions, etc., instead of many companies blaming each other for any mishaps.

If Mr. Black is serious about this venture, please offer shares to the average person once a plan has been approved. It worked for the Bank of British Columbia.

Donald E Thorsteinson



Egg hunt puts shine on community

After being a business owner in Vancouver for more than 10 years, I am continually amazed at how different it is to be an entrepreneur in Penticton.

This past Easter Monday, LocoLanding hosted our 4th Annual Easter Fun Day – and it was a perfect example of the unbelievable generosity and community spirit that we are so fortunate to have in Penticton.

We are truly a community that comes together to lend a hand, jump in with two feet and have fun together!

Over 1,500 people came to LocoLanding and everyone was patient, respectful and generous to ensure fun was had for all.

The event was possible because so many local businesses donated their time and resources namely: Investors Group, Britco, DPA, MarketPlace IGA, SS Sicamous, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Tony’s Meats, Spitfires Athletic Club, Fitkidz, Glo SUP, A&W, Burger55, Penticton Recreation Centre, Investors Group, Landmark, London Drugs, MTF, Purdy’s Chocolates, Riverside Fitness, Riverside Pharmasave, Denny’s, Sun Country Bowl, True Outdoors, Classic Guitars, Andy’s Animal Acres, Jake Evans and our local community radio station So Country.

Our amazing entertainment was generously donated by Mama Yay of the SuperCooligans band.

The biggest thank you is for our teens in Penticton. Over 70 teens donated their time either through egg stuffing from the Grade 9 Penticton High School Leadership Class – or through volunteering at the 18 Easter activity stations or from our LocoLanding employees that worked for free so that 100 per cent of the proceeds could go to the OSNS Child Development Centre.

We are proud to say that almost $6,000 was raised for this fantastic local centre. A huge thank you to Cara Garnett, from OSNS, who was instrumental in the organization and event execution.

With my sincerest appreciation, thank you to our amazing teens, our generous businesses and our fun families. You truly make this the best place to live!

Diana Stirling