LETTERS: Change your ways or resign

The present mayor and council of Penticton should resign for failing to be transparent.

The present mayor and council of Penticton should resign for failing to be transparent as well as for the various scandals that have already spoiled the air in this region.

Trio’s offer should be rejected and they should be sent packing, especially if they do not operate in Penticton or the immediate area.  The biggest reason for sending them packing is that they seem to be bringing us a corporate “welfare scheme” under the guise of a tourist attraction.

A water slide operation will hardly bring long term or beneficial jobs to this area, regardless of the greed of those who are only thinking of how they’d benefit from having a water slide to enjoy and not thinking of the repercussions of allowing a commercial enterprise to take over significant parts of the park even if elements of the present park are preserved and moved somewhere else.

Park land is not unlimited.  A water slide would also strain the water resources in a time when we often suffer droughts or lack of rain.  How is it being smart to consider such a short sighted operation — open for x-months out of the year and using far too much of local water resources?

I hope that the present council and mayor will change their ways or resign and that the election in the future will see accountable and honorable officials being elected in place of the current bunch of less than honorable individuals.

Patrick Longworth

Okanagan Falls