Letters: City should keep community policing co-ordinator

Readers complain about cut to volunteer program that helps police keep an eye on the community

Fletcher entitled to opinion

(re: Fletcher wrong, editor right, Letters, Western News, Feb. 12)

Increasingly we seem to have an unusual number of people who are writing to both the Western News and the Herald who would dictate and censor those letter writers and columnists who voice a different opinion than their own.

You know the ones, “I am right and your opinion just does not belong in this newspaper.”

The latest of course (Feb. 12) is that fellow from Summerland with a very defined left-wards slant to most everything.

Frankly, I believe Tom Fletcher is bang on in most of his common sense editorials  but if you harbour socialist views, as many seem to in B.C., you are not going to appreciate what he might have to say.

If you cannot tolerate the truth and well thought out commentary, then for heaven sakes turn the page.

Paul Crossley



Thank you to water guy

It feels kind of nice to thank somebody instead of knocking them.

A water main decided to break in the extreme cold weather.

I wish to thank the RDOS water guy, Adam Cunningham, and crew who responded promptly and worked after dark to repair the damaged water main

TGIF turned out not so hot for Adam and  crew, and for that we in North Olalla thank them for the great service they provided.

Tom Isherwood



Cutting policing co-ordinator unsafe

How many of you are aware that most weekends there is a group of volunteers patrolling this community in the middle of the night watching  for criminal or suspicious activities?

We are the eyes and ears for our police department.

We have routines to perform, paperwork to fill out and never miss checking schools, industrial areas, residential areas, lots, gates, open doors, suspicious vehicles and drunk drivers, hurt animals etc., everything the RCMP are involved in.

We can connect with the RCMP station in a heartbeat to give them updates on abandoned and stolen vehicles, suspicious people and activity that would be questioned.

Now the city has done it again.

Recently they decided to cancel our coordinators position as of April which will negate all of our programs.

The decision was made without discussion.

They certainly did not ask all of you what your opinion is on feeling safe in your community while you pay taxes.

Our coordinator has integrity, savvy and unbelievable character in looking after the three aspects of this program, Citizens on Patrol, Speed Watch, and Lock out Auto Crime.

He is constantly on the go giving talks on ways and means to alleviate crime and travels to Area D, Apex, Summerland, OK Falls, Keremeos.

He liaises with the RCMP on a regular basis so that we have the information we need when we go out on patrol.

We need your help, all of you.

Call or write to city hall (any of the councillors or mayor) and have them reinstate our co-ordinator’s position and all the aspects of the program back to where it was.

Our group of 60 strong wants to help with safety in this community and we want our leader back.

Without him the programs will die.

We want to continue to help keep this community safe.  Are you going to back us up?

Barb Adams

Citizens on Patrol



Patrols need co-ordinator

I am writing as a concerned member of the Penticton Citizens on Patrol. At our monthly meeting on Feb. 5, we were told by our Community Policing co-ordinator that his position had been terminated by the city, as of April 29.

This hardworking person has been our liaison with Community Policing.

I believe that the city does not appreciate the various duties coordinated by him in our group.

They are the Citizens on Patrol, who go out weekly on a Saturday night to patrol around the city, driving in our personal cars looking for problems in the downtown, the industrial and residential areas.

Apparently the city expects that a member of the RCMP will pick up these activities in addition to their regular duties.

We feel this position should be retained as it is a very busy and useful position.

Ouida Koetsier