LETTERS: Council desperation

Elected democratically Penticton city council rule and administer as if they were positioned there by divine right.

The bell tolls for the City of Penticton council. Elected democratically, they rule and administer as if they were positioned there by divine right.

The majority of people live in Penticton 12 months a year and we would like the salubrious demeanor of Penticton to manifest for 12 months. A waterslide in the summer is indeed a marvelous and   exciting novelty brimming with happy and delirious tourists. But for 10 months when it is not being used it represents the folly and arrogance of city council. It is woeful and ugly and something that people would rather not confront during their daily walks or jogs during the other 10 months of the year.

I can understand the desperation of city council in their endeavour to look like they are doing something. It is important to look energetic even if you are down for the count. However, the largest growth in recent years in the city has been in empty building lots and this goes back in time to previous councils. Apart from the tourist industry growth, which creates year round jobs, is in a minus state. It is comatose. I am not a snow bird. I do not head to the oblivion splendor and stupor of the sands of the south. It is important for me to enjoy Penticton in the winter. I pay city taxes for this service. Please do not fritter away and savage pristine parkland. Develop your vanities somewhere else.

Jim Calvert