LETTERS: Delay the project

Is the loss of green space in our Skaha Lake Park a done deal?

Did the residents of Penticton elect a mayor and six councillors to serve their interests with respect and an open ear, or did they give them free rein to rule this city with an iron fist?

Based on what I just read in the paper it appears to be the latter. Well, democracy may have taken a hard right-cross to the chin, but is it really knocked out or just down for the count.

Over 3,000 people signed a petition calling for a referendum. An amazing response, given the  lack of resources and short period of time, yet still it was tossed aside like so much garbage and completely ignored by the elected decision makers at city hall. Apparently, those taking a stand against this project going forward are either too senile or too simple minded to understand why it is a good thing to trade their public parkland for a commercial tourist attraction.

Is the loss of green space in our Skaha Lake Park a done deal?

Maybe, but  maybe not.

If those 3,000 people each chip in $10, then there will be $30,000 to fund legal action to stop this destruction of our parkland from taking place.

All that really needs to be done here, is delay this project for about three years, until the next civic election, when I am sure holding a referendum will become one of the major election issues.

David Korinetz