LETTERS: Disagree with visitor’s letter

Response to letter to the editor from Penticton visitor about Skaha Lake Park.

Regarding the letter sent by Jennifer Girard from North Vancouver, (Penticton Western News, July 17) who feels she has a good grasp on what the Trio Marine Group’s park proposal to build a waterpark on our parkland is all about.

First off you say you asked the opinion of many young families in Penticton and 100 per cent say “it’s about time”

Really? I was at our existing fully packed waterpark and splash pad recently and an overwhelming 95 per cent of the people using the park were not in favour of the Trio marine development of another water park

Maybe ask how many young families would rather pay for the use of a new waterslides or continue using the free amenities already in place.

Do you really think building a waterpark on our already paid for greenspace will potentially do so much for the economic development of Penticton? And, do you really believe 100 per cent of the revenue the City of Penticton will  receive from Trio will be going back into the development of greenspace?

If you do, I have a cabin in Iceland you may be interested in.

Best for you and your advice in North Vancouver.

Doug Scoones