LETTERS: Disturbed by allegations

The Liberals and Conservatives disregard democracy.

I am disturbed by the allegations that the Liberal party is not keeping its word to a potential candidate due to questions she brought up about a past candidate’s fundraising tactics.

In my view, this makes the fact that Justin Trudeau leads the Liberals a non-issue.  The Liberal party has not changed and indeed will probably never change.  It is the party of entitlement and misguided principles. A party in which leaders ignore their positive influences in favour of whatever they wish to follow or listen to.

The Liberals have been a natural ruling party for too long — they have had an excessive number of scandals — they have disregarded democracy and enabled the Conservatives to disregard democracy as well. Not one of the Liberal leaders since I was born is fit to mention in polite company and the same with the Conservatives, aside from unfortunate Joe Clark.

Patrick Longworth

Okanagan Falls