LETTERS: Drew will be missed

Penticton Western News letters to the editor for the Aug. 27 issue.

Drew will be missed

With a heavy heart I would like to send a deeply felt thank you to all of Drew’s wonderful, amazing, loving friends, who have helped me through this most difficult time.

To all those that have sent their love and showered me with their kindness, generosity and support I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has not been easy on any of us. Drew will be sadly missed. So until we meet again, “keep on doing the ‘Drew thing.” We love you Drew.

My heart especially goes out to the driver who was involved in this terrible tragedy. I am so sorry.

Lennie Wolfe


Stop signs make no difference

One can only wonder if the Stop Project at Dartmouth was designed as an effective deterrent for those who hardly ever come to a complete stop and roll through that corner because there is no car coming in any direction or is it a make-work project?

The sidewalks are a nice touch. They definitely make the corners safer as cars supposedly have to stop and if they don’t, it is more difficult to cruise through and skirt the corner. Says who?

Current council has come up with some projects such as bike lanes that they can justify in their own way. Maybe they can sleep better at night feeling that the Stop Project is a concern for safety at a busy intersection and they have addressed and filled a safety issue.

This project will make little difference during the day and no difference after hours or on holidays. How can I make this statement you might ask?

I make this statement based on observation  from the dog park. In 30 minutes, I witnessed 26 vehicles at the intersection in question. Of the 26 vehicles, nine went straight past the sign slowing down, let alone stopping and continued traveling west on Warren Avenue. Eight others made California rolling stops (not complete stops) and proceeded to turn either north or south on Dartmouth.

I was amazed that nine vehicles actually obeyed the signs and stopped before proceeding. Does this mean that the signs are 36.25 per cent effective in addressing safety problems at that four-way intersection? Hmm …

It might be too early to rate the efficacy of this Stop Project as it was just recently completed.  However, based on what I witnessed  along with several others at the dog park, it looks like a taxpayer dollar boondoggle again.

I realize that the project is new. However, I also realize that old habits die hard. Irrespective of the new signage, those people who disregarded the lines and stop signs at this intersection prior to the signage installation, will in all probability, continue to exhibit the driving habits that they have established.

True, maybe there will be more vigilance shown through the day. However, the attitude of there’s no car coming therefore I can keep on going will, in all likelihood,  prevail after hours and on holidays. In the final analysis, as taxpayers, should we be asking as to whether or not the end justifies the means on this project? If not, November is just around the corner!

Ron Barillaro


Propaganda job

After reading a letter published on Wednesday’s (Aug. 13) edition, I was uncertain to which religious zealots Mr. Thomsen was referring.

The hint is Islamic, however, does he not realize that Christians, as well as other religions, can be rather zealous? Also, if Mr. Thomson is referring to scans or body searches at the border, then I’m afraid I would  have to disagree with him again. Every time you allow your privacy to be invaded on the premise (and I stress premise) of terrorism, then you are just letting the government into your home with your permission, and allowing your rights to be compromised.

I have no great regard for Mr. Harper and I don’t really care if this is a vote tactic  as Mr. Thomsen suggests.  People should be voting based on all information regarding a political platform. As for our border security, yes, they have an important job.  They are not the army.

To assume someone is a security threat based on their religion or how they look just implies a propaganda job well done. As for me, well, I welcome all religions into our country.  Perhaps these “zealots” may want to avoid Summerland though, where Mr. Thomsen resides.

G. Kusmack


Swept up in change

Open letter to Penticton city counsel and in particular Katie Robinson.  On Aug. 18 I attended the rally in front of Penticton City Hall with the group called TimeforChangePenticton.

I was glad to see members of this group attend the rally, however, the attendance was less than expected as there are approximately 2,700 that have joined the Facebook site.  I am supporting this group because they are trying to promote the community members from all demographics to get out and exercise their right to vote.  Many people do not exercise their right to vote and may have opinions or ideas that could improve and build a stronger community.

I wore the T-Shirts that said Head banging druggie #TimeForChangePenticton. The first part of this comment referenced Katie Robinson’s statement on Boonstock.   I know I have hurt Katie by wearing that T-shirt, and for that I am sorry. She realized she made a mistake when she said it and wished she could have taken it back.  We have to learn from our mistakes (as everyone makes them, even me as you can see) and improve ourselves to move beyond them.

I understand Boonstock is not for everyone, including myself. That does not mean that I would not support similar events in the future.  As long as event organizers follow the regulations and guidelines that are in place to promote the community and public safety, then events such as races and festivals like Boonstock, is what makes Penticton a thriving community.

I understand many citizens of Penticton had mixed feeling about Boonstock and its possible effect it might have had on our community. There is both positive and negative feedback to support this, but to only focus on one individual’s opinion from a collective of opinions, does not strengthen the community, but may push community members away. This is why I support groups that encourage members of the community to vote and to become involved in making Penticton a better place.

I feel that I could have come out and supported the TimeForChangePenticton group but I did not have to wear the shirt that hurt a dear and close friend.  I hope she can accept my sincerest apology.

Randy Kirkoski