LETTERS: Ducks at Skaha

I cannot understand folks saying Skaha Lake Park is not used.

It is probably quite right the ducks are not going anywhere should a waterslide be built in the beautiful Skaha Park. They love to swim in the lake, feed on the lush green grass, be lazy under the lovely shade trees throughout the park, probably even get hand outs from the folks who frequent the park on a lazy summer day.

I have driven by that park many times throughout any given summer and I see folks within the park walking, sitting, running, playing games with their kids. I have been known to go to the park myself and sit at one of the tables there and read or just watch the coming and going of folks, sometimes even visiting with the folks. It is a wonderful place to meditate.

Do you honestly think a waterslide is going to bring in a lot of work? We need year round work, not three or four months of the summertime work. Waterslides have never been successful in the past. History has proven that, so what’s next? A hotel? A condo? A casino? Apartments? Do you think the ducks will stay in the park once it is paved?

How often do you come to Penticton and go to the park in question and do a head count? I cannot understand folks saying this park is not used.

I think it is used a lot in the summer and I was there three times this past week and there were several people walking, running and walking dogs. I was one of the dog walkers that day and before someone says I don’t scoop, you can think again because I do scoop after my little dog.

I was in Toronto this past summer and I was impressed with how much greenspace they are conserving along the lake there. Benches for sitting. Picnic tables in place. Trees  for shade. Cities big or small needs to preserve their green space and not make it commercialized.

In closing, I want to thank Elvena Slump for her letters to the editor. Keep up the good work Elvena.

Doreen Johnson