LETTERS: Easy choice

I would like to add these examples of Harper’s fiscally responsible wasteful spending.

In addition to those extravagant and wasteful expenditures listed in a previous letter, I would like to add these examples of Harper’s fiscally responsible wasteful spending:

–  Aid to Ukraine (trickled down to neo-Nazi militias) — approximately $500 million, Quebec City’s summer festival — $1 million, Jim Flaherty’s photo op with the last penny stamped — $56,000, gazebos for the G20 Summit — $100,000, new CSEC  CSIS headquarters complete with soaring atriums, grand staircases and filtered drinking fountains — $1.2 billion, automotive Innovation Fund (creating no jobs but benefitting CEOs of Ford and Toyota) — $250 million, War of 1812 commemorative amenities — $28 million, G8 legacy fund for Tony Clement’s riding — $50 million, undisclosed payments for F-35s — $10 billion (Wow! Who got that?), Harper’s trip to Israel with 200 invited guests (with no value for Canada’s interest) — $239,000, Harper’s makeup artist to travel overseas for the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands — Conservative party refused to disclose costs, a social hall project submitted by an Ottawa rabbi with close ties to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird — $1 million, the Conservative cabinet member’s attendance at the despot’s funeral at the House of Saud in Arabia — $175,000, Harper government spending on wireless industry advertising— $9 million and on and on.

I know we have some hard choices to make before the next election as to the party we want to support, but based on the kind of money the PMO is foolishly spending — and it is basically the Prime Minister’s Office that is making the decisions for how much and on what these expenditures listed above are being made. The choice should be easy.

The money that was spent in those constituencies that were either Liberal, NDP or Green has been a pittance over the last 10 years relative to the Conservative ridings.  I guess that’s politics, but it need not be.  By making the decision to rid ourselves of the present Conservative government and its policy of “first past the post” election method for a more honest representation based on population, we would not have, as we did in our last election, a 40 per cent popular vote resulting in 54 per cent of the ridings. Both the NDP, the Liberal and the Green Party will put “representation by population” into their mandates if elected.

Now, that’s not a tough choice, is it?

Frank Martens




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