LETTERS: Fletcher is conceited

I realize that sometimes newspapers like to write columns that stir controversy

I realize that sometimes newspapers like to write columns that stir controversy and that may or may not have valid points behind them but I hope you are fully aware of the laws that pertain to libel and slander?

The title of the column indicates that Mr. Fletcher is about to get on his “high horse” about something right or wrong and that is evident in the following paragraphs that are attributed to him.

Is Mr. Fletcher pompous and conceited? I get the impression that he may be based on what he writes about others. I will admit that to his credit he does pick out a brilliantly strange example of a candidate unwittingly making a fool of herself.

However he goes out on a limb and addresses the idea of a provincial bill of rights. I guess Mr. Fletcher loves the polluting corporations of this world, which arguably could include his employer the Western (News)? He shows his anti-environmental bias by referring to a “scheme” by the David Suzuki Foundation. Good luck to you Mr. Mitchell when the environmental problems you ignore come to affect you personally.

You then accuse the Pope of attempting to crush capitalism when he is not. He’s attempting to hold corporations and capitalists, like the Western, accountable for all of their actions but especially their very harmful actions.

Frankly, capitalism has had its day and has been responsible for a great deal of suffering especially after allowing monstrous corporations to have the notion of legal personhood. That is a travesty that should never have occurred.

Patrick Longworth, Okanagan Falls