LETTERS: Gateway tune will change

Reader says support for controversial pipeline will leak away with the first spill

A short reminder for British Columbians regarding the recent polls suggesting who is for and who is against  Enbridge’s Northern Gateway ribbon of steel capable of transporting fear 24/7.

That is before the inevitable leaks, ruptures and of course what Mother Nature can dish out which indeed will happen.

Harper and company would be where they belong dressed in oil slicks and mop in hand

Tom Isherwood



Water strategy all wrong

Penny wise pound foolish.  That sums up the City of Penticton’s motto “Every Drop Counts” and its water restrictions on current homeowners.

If water conservation is so important, as it should be, then why is the city continuing to build more subdivisions with hundreds of new residences into the surrounding hillsides, while telling the rest of us to be water wise?

The latest addition of multiple water users added to our landscape include the Sendero Canyon and Skaha Hills developments.

Next on the OCP crosshairs is the northeast sector subdivision to be built near Campbell Mountain.

Why should any of us take water conservation seriously if the city isn’t?

Laure W. Neish



Union dues better spent

There has been 10 to 12 years now of confrontational politics with outrageous allegations by both parties in the labour unrest between the teachers and the B. C. government. Meanwhile children and parents pay the price of this mini-war.

There are 40,000 teachers paying union dues on a graduated scale tied to salary average; $300 a month to the BCTF.

That is $12-million a month.  According to news reports there is no money in the strike fund to pay for a prolonged strike.

Where is the transparency and accountability for these funds?

Teachers should question their objectives and where their best interests are served.

Is there a better option?

Professionals set their own standards and decide where the needs of their profession are best served.

Professionals create professional organizations mandated to regulate themselves and geared to meet the needs of their profession.

For example that $12 million a month could better be used to increase educational standards; foster program development; increase graduation rates and provide professional organizational facilities, etc.

This would increase the stature of teachers in the eyes of government and the public.

Teachers would knock the legs out from under government and give themselves some well-deserved credibility.

Elvena Slump



Beware of freeloaders

Just a friendly reminder to watch out for children as public school is out for the summer.

Also remember school is out  with open season for the older political children who will spend their summer free-loading on the barbecue trail.

Some of these over-aged children may actually listen to the cook promising some complaints and ideas will be addressed  when parliament is back in session .

They will promise anything you wish prior to devouring those luscious freebies before forgetting your name!

Take my advice if you recognize  a political free-loader scanning your neighborhood.

Close the curtains, turn off lights, keep smoke to a minimum and for heavens sake be quiet because political free-loaders are known to have great listening ears and a nose like Yogi Bear when freebies are near bye.

Ted Azyan



Memorial Park getting new sign

Many residents and visitors in Penticton have inquired as to the new concrete signs being installed at Veterans Memorial Park.

The signs will eventually resemble cairns and bear a bronze-coloured name plate with the park’s name permanently attached to them.

We (the Veterans Association of Penticton) are fortunate to have received cooperation from the Province of B. C. to name, and protect (in perpetuity), this beautiful, consecrated ground.

We have received generous donations from private citizens, also the Royal Canadian Air Force Association (890 Wing), Penticton ANAVETS (Unit 97), Penticton Naval Veterans Association and Royal Canadian Legion (Br 40) in Penticton as well as local private corporations, all of which will be recognized for their generosity when the new park signs are completed later this summer.


Alan Kidd