LETTERS: How do you create a community of kindness?

This is how we create a community of kindness, one edible garden at a time.

Recently, Incredible Edible Penticton went about beautifying the old Three Gables dry grass garden site in the 300 block of Main Street.

With rakes and shovels, several Incredible volunteers began to clean up the site. In no time at all, children and their parents and grandparents, began to join us. We pulled and tugged at old grasses, Iris, rampant mint and unknown weeds. Much to our surprise we came across a hidden cement circle under the soil and created a blue ornamental corn circle, interlaced with squash. We carried on planting donated edibles from Ian Findlayson and Grasslands nursery in Summerland, onions, tomato and herbs. Phew!

After three hours in 30 degree plus heat we were finally done. This site is not irrigated and so volunteers hauled water donated from the nearby liquor store.

Still not enough water – what to do? Well there just happened to be a fire truck on Main Street after the truck pull contest and they kindly donated the water that was left in their tank.

Do you see what is happening here?

Each one of us has a piece of the puzzle as each one of us has something to share. This is what makes a community of kindness. The garden is just the vehicle to create community engagement.

While working at the garden a lovely gentleman name Victor offered to help. He shared that he was once homeless and lived behind a building close to the garden. We watered together and shared stories. He offered to keep his eye on the garden, and to help find water each day to ensure that it will continue growing. Victor and his friends, have landscaped the spot. It looks amazing.

This is how we create a community of kindness, one edible garden at a time.

To volunteer or to support Incredible Edible Penticton, please contact Hilma LaBelle, 250-809-7327, check out our Facebook page Incredible Edible Penticton.

Hilma Labelle