LETTERS: Hunting and lead poisoning

A recent documentary on the tele was showing the difference between a lead bullet and those made of copper.

A recent documentary on the tele was showing the difference between a lead bullet and those made of copper.

The demonstration showed both what a lead bullet and a copper bullet looks like before firing and then after it has been fired. It was shown that a lead bullet explodes inside the targeted animal, dispersing into many fragmented pieces. The same kind of effect as a bomb going off. Of course on a much smaller scale, but the same effect. Where as the copper bullet stayed in one piece. The comparison of the end results between these two bullets is “horrific.”

I’m not a hunter, have absolutely nothing to do with guns, and I have no idea about government policies on this subject. But, I am very fond of animals. All animals.

As I watched this comparison, my brain recalled reading in the paper recently, and seeing on the tele, the matter about our government’s decision pertaining to hunting licenses. Then I asked myself, ‘does our government have any sort of laws pertaining to bullets used for hunting?’ Next question was, ‘how many hunters are actually intellectually aware of the long term, end results of the two?’

I’m sure all hunters are not educated chemists. Are hunters, including tourist hunters, required to report the type of bullets they use? Are wildlife officers knowledgeable in this topic, are inspections done pertaining to types of bullets being used?

Now I don’t know a hunter’s procedures after the kill, but can you imagine, if the hunter has used lead bullets, and they leave the innards of the animal behind for other wildlife to feed on, and some of that wildlife may in turn feed it to their own young.

Think about all the wildlife that may be feeding on the innards that have been contaminated throughout, with lead. Lead poisoning.

How many persons actually do make their own bullets? I do recall, some years back, reading an ad in the classified section of a newspaper to which a request for those lead tubes that hair dye used to come in. I asked myself back then, and also asked someone else, why anyone would be requesting empty hair dye tubes and was informed, “they use the lead to make bullets with.”

So I know what I’m talking about here. I do know some are now made of plastic. Don’t know if there’s a law pertaining to that or not. Maybe someone out there can respond to this concern. This concern which affects the whole planet.

Eventually, humanity notices there seems to be a decline in varied species on our planet and wonder why?

Have lead bullets had anything to do with the decline?

Now use your imagination, and you’ll see the reason for this letter you are now reading here.

Joan Johnson