LETTERS: Intolerance to Christmas

The replacement of Christmas with holiday is to the point of ridiculous.

The replacement of Christmas with holiday is to the point of ridiculous. Stores afraid to post some Merry Christmas signs with their happy holiday ones. They may offend one or two people. Maybe ask those who are offended by Christmas to show some tolerance, after all isn’t that what they preach?

Christmas is part of Canadian culture, tradition and is rooted in our heritage, at the very least it should be tolerated. Replacing everything that once said Christmas with holiday is really a slap in the face to Canadians.

Traditional Christmas images being called holiday images, really? Many know what I am talking about. Don’t let political correctness keep you afraid from speaking out. Don’t worry if someone may get offended, chances are they have no problem offending you.

Sure we are multicultural, this is no excuse to replace what once said Christmas with holidays. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, it is very reasonable to have both signage in stores as well as in flyers. It includes all without alienating Canadian traditions that have been part of Canada from the beginning.

Hats off and thumbs up to businesses that have Merry Christmas posted in their stores, thank you, I look for those businesses to do Christmas shopping and spend money in the off-season in support to tolerant businesses. If someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah, well back at ya, I won’t be offended because I don’t celebrate it. If someone who celebrates Kwanzaa, Habari Gani, and a Merry Christmas and so on. Greet others with your greeting and let them greet you with theirs.

In October there are many observed days yet there is no boycott of Happy Halloween. I hate Halloween, but it is part of Canadian culture and tradition, it would be rude and ignorant to try remove it. So I tolerate it, I don’t celebrate it but I wont cry if it offends me, that would be just plain intolerant and ridiculous.

I have heard so many complain about being tired of holiday this and holiday that and having Christmas stepped on, so do something about it. What I have found is that a minority of complaints trump a majority of compliments. We need to compliment louder.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Habari Gani and happy holidays.

David Mercier