LETTERS: Lack of foundation in letter

We have been exposed to another long winded unfounded conspiracy theory from a Penticton letter writer.

Just a note with interest that we have been exposed to another long winded unfounded conspiracy theory from Ms. Slump (Re: Entitled to a fair vote, Western News, Nov. 28).

Obviously we would all agree with 20/20 hindsight that we could use more polling places. I for one would rather not wait more than 15 minutes to vote. That said, little could anyone know that there would be so many new voter registrations which is what caused the long lines.

Ms. Slump’s letter hints at underhanded wrong-doing in City Hall, but once again, as in previous letters, it totally lacks any foundation.

I’m curious what the “biker” comments were all about in her letter. Slump appears to be hinting at biker intimidation at the polls, but falls short of an actual accusation. I smell a stereotypical attitude from Slump that I resent. I’ve been riding motorcycles for well over 40 years, so in a sense I guess I’m a biker and yes when it’s cold I wear leathers, but at times (at some events) I also wear a white shirt and tie with a sports jacket, and as a veteran I also wear an RCAF Association uniform. I’m also an avid swimmer and cyclist, as well as a former teacher.

Slump continues to try to bully people with her nonsensical innuendo and her negative, offensive style. In my opinion, that’s not freedom of speech, it appears to border on defamation.

Careful Ms. Slump, lest you point a finger at someone that won’t tolerate your bullying, and is not muffled by workplace rules nor political sensibilities and pressures.

Alan Kidd