LETTERS: Learn from history

In 2002, 90 per cent of voters in a referendum said parks should be dedicated.

Nov. 15, 2002 there was a public referendum for our parks. The referendum advertisement read as follows “dedicating the parks will ensure continuous public use and ownership of our park lands.” This was for 12 Penticton and area parks, including Skaha and Munson Mountain. How many voted in favour of dedicating our parks? 90 per cent is the answer.

Read that mayor, council and planners: 90 per cent.

How is leasing public parks public ownership? How is it considered continuous public use when you have to pay to go there? City hall has spit in the face of every one of the 90 per cent who voted to preserve our parks. You have spit in the face of all those who have since passed thinking our parks would be safe from the dream team at City Hall. Every person who voted in 2002 should be furious, every child whose parent had voted to save these parks for them should be furious, every person who believes in democracy should also be furious. 90 per cent means leave our parks alone forever. 90 per cent knew better than you at City Hall. Are 90 per cent now ashamed to have voted for you?

The mayor and council have an agenda, they all know they are on their last term, that is why they don’t care what we think. They refuse to have a referendum, because they know they would have a major defeat. All the lame excuses not to have one are a joke and an insult to the public.

We will be having a protest rally this Tuesday, August 4 in front of city hall at 5:30 p.m. If you believe in the future of our city and parks and not happy with the current mayor and council, we need you there. We will have the petition ongoing for legal purposes. Thank you.

Clifford Martin