LETTERS: Lost and stolen wallet woes

Letter writer is frustrated with the lack of respect people show with lost wallets and stealing wallets.

Please return my bright green wallet.

No, not you personally, but the you that is all of us living here in Penticton.

We all have the duty to do the right thing by each other, no matter what our circumstances. The girl who picked up my dropped wallet in the Home Hardware parking lot should have taken it inside to the cashier. Instead she went to Tim Hortons, Husky Gas, and IGA, twice.

My daughter’s friend Jacob had his wallet taken out of his bag while he was playing beach volleyball. While he was standing in line at Service B.C. two other people shared a similar story.

We cannot blame it on all the visitors in town. But even if the perps are reading this letter they need to take this message to heart as well. Do the right thing. Taking someone’s wallet may get you a free tank of gas and some Timbits, but taking all the irreplaceable items is hurtful.

While I was putting up signs around the area I kept having really nice conversations with my fellow caring citizens who wished me luck in finding my wallet, which made me feel that there are still more good people here than the ones who are showing such poor judgement and selfishness.

If you see that bright green wallet, know that it wants to come home.

Lori Grant