LETTERS: Music to my ears

James Moore is number 34 to leave a sinking ship — leaving 132 stragglers to hopefully leave in mass discomfort.

James Moore is number 34 to leave a sinking ship — leaving 132  stragglers to hopefully leave in mass discomfort and embarrassment come this October election.

The different reasons given by these individual departures make me want to reach for a crying towel — that is if I believed anyone of them. There are claims that Liberal leader Justin is just not ready. Perhaps referring to an uncooked turkey comes to mind?

Stephen Harper on the other hand has managed to disgrace and abuse the power of Canada’s highest office and should have the guts  to be number 35 as his goose, for far too long ,has been over-cooked and please take Kenney with you?

That leaves NDP leader Tom Mulcair warming up the burner that will shed a brand new  light on a political NDP menu that all Canadians may enjoy.

Now my questions require an answer. Why is the disgraced senate still performing on such a crumbling stage brought down by the surfacing of hidden truth and the guilty must face jail time to fit the crime?

Paying back when caught should apply to bank robber’s and the like who give their booty back if caught!

Why is that  former super-golfer Tiger Woods been feeding the public that his drop from the top floor is on account of working on a new swing etc.?

Seems like a crock to me as if it wasn’t broke then why fix it — like a heavyweight boxer Tiger simply got knocked out by young blood.

Ted Azyan