LETTERS: Not all rainbows and lollipops

We do not agree with council’s decision to paint the pedestrian crosswalks rainbow colours.

We do not agree with council’s decision to deface our streets with a symbol which has only one purpose and that is to promote a sexual orientation that has little to do with inclusivity.

Councils use of this symbol has the connotation of orientation rather than acceptance. It is difficult to determine councils motives in deciding to rainbow our crosswalks. If their motive is simply to recognize what they consider a deserving group or organization, surely there are many other equally deserving groups worthy of special recognition. Does council plan on changing crosswalks for these groups/organizations as well? If so, what symbols have they selected for recognition of those groups/organizations?

This decision of council seems ill-conceived, unnecessary and somewhat beyond the mandate under which a civic council is expected to function. Councils are elected to conduct the business of the district in which they serve. Personal sexual orientations are not included in that mandate. If members of council wish to display the rainbow as part of their personal wardrobe, that is a decision which no one would argue with.

Pedestrian crosswalks have always been painted white. If the citizens of Summerland wish to change the colour, they should have the right to instruct council by majority vote to do so. The conduct of this council, in arbitrarily agreeing to deface our streets, is a decision that is disturbing to some.

Council’s decision seems designed to increase the division rather than alleviate whatever divisions may have existed.

Whether people agree with council’s decision or aggressively oppose it, such a significant change should be subject to the input of all citizens of Summerland. This decision should be reversed immediately.

Harry and Lil Williams