LETTERS: Opinion piece is right on the money

My compliments are sent to the Penticton Western News reporter Dale Boyd for a very well written opinion piece .

My compliments are sent to the reporter Dale Boyd for a very well written opinion piece (Western News, July 24, Ramble on: Fear and loathing in Penticton). I think his observations are right on the money.

We lived in Penticton for 15 years that spanned over the riot. We saw this same attitude expressed that Mr. Boyd describes so eloquently.  I believe many have come to PTown to retire and slip away in a state of supreme tranquility. No distractions please. And no regard for the families required to supply the care taking of the tranquil.

They do not realize they require youthful hospital workers, grocery baggers and hearse drivers. Most importantly, if they moved here from elsewhere, they have no vested interest in the area for the long term. They do not realize that a vibrant economy provides a safer and more vibrant community. Would they rather be surrounded by crack houses?

This dig in your heels over everything attitude is selfish and short-sighted. We were in PTown last weekend visiting. We enjoyed Skaha Beach. The parking lots were jammed and the beach was packed with sun and water revellers. I looked in the distance and I saw countless hives of retirement homes, quietly dotting the horizon. Can’t we just get along?

Brenda Davidson

Salmon Arm



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