LETTERS: Opposed to commercial project on city land

One has to wonder just what is the mandate of elected officials with regards to representing the citizens that voted for them

One has to wonder just what is the mandate of elected officials with regards to representing the citizens that voted for them. I believe it is to work toward doing what is best for them and not to go into private business with developers and or commercial retailers.

The paid staff are the ones that draw to the attention of the elected officials any proposal put forward from developers and/ or any interested business that wants to proceed with projects within our city limits.

It seems lately that the paid staff have taken it upon themselves to work toward promoting private businesses within our city limits and more concerning on our parks and green areas. Proposals seem to appear at council meetings fully supported by the staff at city hall, with little or no input from the citizens of Penticton.

When was the mandate given to city staff to look at using city property? And, it seems green areas to go into competition with business already operating in Penticton. The proposal for a new hotel with the casino moving there should not be the mandate of city staff to promote and even entertain, especially when the proposal involves city property.

Now we have the city staff working with a retail group to go into competition with our local restaurants, beer and wine stores, and entertainment events sites i.e. mini golf course, waterslide.

Again on city property and on our parkland.  I could not agree more with the letters that have been flooding the local newspapers with their views opposing this proposal put forward by our city staff and seemingly accepted by city council.

Waterslides have been tried and failed, if this one fails who will pick up the bill for taking it down and restoring the parkland back to it’s original state?

Beth Campbell put some very good questions forward regarding the hotel proposal, I would suggest that they also apply to the proposal for Skaha Lake City Park.  Most importantly, how can city staff be mandated to work against business that have paid taxes for years in this city and supported non-profit groups with their generosity over all these years.

Yes, if a business wants to locate in Penticton, city staff should work to help them set up, privately,  but not with the offer of city property especially city parks and ball fields.

I see the comments regarding the opposition at council meeting with staff and council saying there is widespread support.   To date, I have not had one person that I have talked to support the proposal. Today after getting the city bulletin and seeing the large area to be taken out of parkland, I am even more opposed to this commercial project on city land.

Bob Otway