LETTERS: RE: Ramble on

As someone who wants a referendum on this issue I keep hearing AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

I would suggest that the RCMP were called in a little late (Western News, July 24, Ramble on: Fear and loathing in Penticton). June 29  is when fair and equal discourse flew out the window. Did you personally witness that council meeting? I did. Have you read how the mayor and council interpreted that meeting? I have. I can only call it dizzying.

In a democracy, we have the right to be and to be called NIMBY. We are not afraid to question or speak our minds. All of us wanted to be heard. None of us wanted a riot. Would you have us follow like sheep?

Yes, you are right, no lives are on the line, only democracy. Does your hometown have a park or two? Democracy put them there. In the slums around the world, poor people form groups to clear little areas in the filth for play areas for kids or libraries offering books and legal help. Yes, they would laugh because if they didn’t they would just cry and do nothing. Architects of Change is a TV series showcasing groups worldwide tackling huge problems that started out small. This park won’t save the world and it won’t reverse climate change, but it will do its tiny part towards that end. That is what fixes big problems, lots of tiny actions.

Grassroots movements though out history have helped change the world, women’s right to vote and own property, Green Peace, Umbrella Movement, Mandela, Rosa Parks to name a few. Sometimes those movements were neither polite or peaceful.

So Mr. Boyd I will at last close with these thoughts. The rendition of This Land is our Land was most respectfully done. As someone who wants a referendum on this issue I keep hearing  AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

Lynn Crassweller