LETTERS: Reverse your decisions council

Insult to the citizens of Penticton by our newly elected Mayor and council.

Insult to the citizens of Penticton by our newly elected Mayor and council.

Embarrassed as a result. Four months into the new council, health benefits, paid for by our fine citizens, when many elders in this city cannot afford to pay the basic health premiums of the province.

A private secret party for special invited guests, again paid for by our citizens. It should have been paid out of pocket by the organizer.

A raise in wages for our council, and to top it off, unless you use internet billing, you will be billed an extra $1 for a hard copy sent to your home.

I feel that these so called intellectuals think that all people in this city have computers. Oh, it was suggested that the library could be used. How in heck can a lot of these elders travel to the library for this? Is the city not charging an exorbitant price for electricity as it is.

You should all be ashamed. You are supposed to lead. If that is leading then God help us. Students in high school would have more sense and not commit these errors.

You seem to forget you are there representing us, the citizens of Penticton, and not the other way around. You are our employees.

In the corporate world I think you could be fired for possibly fraud by use of intrusted money for private use.

You may say well this is needed if we want good people to come forward for these positions. Well, you now have it. Are you more intelligent now, or better? Remember there were quite a number of people willing to be elected without all the above unnecessary spending.  If it gets too hot in the kitchen then get out.

Reverse these stupid mistakes, you and the city will be better for it.

J.Paul Quevillon